Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Metalworking Tips - Focus on Solving End Mill Chatter

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Chatter in the form of vibration and noise is a frequent challenge when end milling. Chatter has a direct impact on Surface Finish, Tool Life, Cycle Time, and Cost. With chatter reduced or eliminated, speeds and feeds can increase, surface finishes can improve, tool life can be extended and cuts can be deeper.

Currently the natural response to Chatter is to slow down the cutting process and reduce the chip load per tooth. Although these actions will reduce chatter, slowing down the cutting process decreases productivity, and reducing chip load may be detrimental to the cutter.

There have been great advances in cutting tool geometry such as Variable Helix, (the end mill has an uneven number of Flutes with teeth that vary in length and geometry), and Variable Flute Spacing, (each flute is unevenly spaced around the circumference of the end mill creating an out of phase cutting action) along with advancements in coating technology.

Eliminating vibration reduces wear on cutting tools and machining centers to minimize machine downtime. Poor fixturing, workholding and machine maintenance all contribute to vibration and its associated problems. The best way to quiet chatter is often a combination of remedies. However, machine operators and manufacturing engineers generally look first at their cutting tools. Travers offers both segmented and solid carbide cutting tools can provide for a total solution to stop the chatter.

Field testing of these technologies has proven that these design features significantly break up harmonics and reduce chatter and vibration leading to maximum tool performance and longevity.

If you are experiencing machine tool chatter, contact the experts at Travers Tool. Travers can help you select the appropriate tool and holders to reduce or eliminate tool chatter. You will enjoy increased tool life and productivity that will drive dollars to your bottom line.

Examples of end mills that will help you eliminate tool chatter.

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